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Councilwoman Kepert Announces the Final Site Plan Approval for the Redevelopment of the UA Theater in Coram

October 24, 2013
Redevelopment of the UA Theater in Coram
Redevelopment of the UA Theater in Coram
Councilwoman Kepert with Erma Gluck, President of the Coram Civic Association, and Eric Alexander, Executive Director of Vision Long Island at the former UA Theater in Coram

Farmingville, NY – On Monday, October 21, 2013, the Town of Brookhaven’s Planning Board approved the final site plan for the redevelopment of the old UA Theater property in Coram. This 17.28 acre site was one of the first sites approved to receive incentives under the Blight to Light Radiant Incentive Package for expedited review in April, 2012. The U.A. Theater was identified for redevelopment in the Middle Country Road Land Use Plan initiated by Councilwoman Kepert and adopted by the Town Board in 2006. This site was also identified by the Long Island Regional Economic Development Council as a Priority Project for the region’s economy. The development was named “Wincoram Commons” after Coram’s historic name, by the Coram Civic Association, which was very involved in the project’s planning process.

The approved final site plan is for a mixed use development which will include 176 one and two bedroom units of workforce housing (apartments and town houses), 13,300 square feet of commercial retail on Route 112 and main street, off-site sewage treatment, wetland remediation, an outdoor fitness area, playground, a community green, and a community center. The development will provide a convenient and centralized town center with retail that will be an attractive destination for area residents to shop locally. The site plan was developed in response to a community visioning process and the Middle Country Road Land Use Plan that was developed for Coram, Middle Island, and Ridge, which calls for a hamlet center with an internal main street, multifamily residential, retail development, and a walkable community with opportunities for public gatherings.

In addition to the final site plan approval, the Planning Board also approved a shared ingress/egress with Avalon at Charles Pond. This approval will help to alleviate congestion at the intersection of Route 112 and Middle Country Road.

The total project cost is estimated at $53 million, which will be a significant investment in the Coram community. Wincoram is a tax positive development that will help to reduce school taxes in the Longwood School District. It is anticipated that the project will create 145 construction phase jobs and support 34 permanent jobs. The buildings will be constructed using green building and sustainable community practices.

“The final site plan approval of the Wincoram Commons in the heart of Coram is a significant step toward transforming the former site of the UA Theater into a vibrant mixed use center, while providing much needed jobs and housing,” stated Councilwoman Kepert. “I’m proud of the unwavering hard work and dedication on the part of the community, developer and the Town in moving this project forward.”

“The Coram Civic Association is thrilled that we area one step closer to getting rid of the unsightly blight of the old UA property,” said Erma Gluck, President of the Coram Civic. “We can’t wait until the wrecking ball hits the building. It’ll be final proof that the project is actually going forward. We also appreciate working so closely with CDC/Conifer Realty and Councilwoman Kepert to advance this project. The Coram Civic Association and our community are in favor of this project. We will finally realize our dreams of a walkable downtown area.”

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