On March 12, Dan Losquadro was sworn in as the Town’s new Superintendent of Highways at a ceremony held at Brookhaven Town Hall. Mr. Losquadro was elected to the position after winning the March 5 special election to fill the position left vacant when former Superintendent John Rouse was elected in November 2012 to serve as a Suffolk County Court Judge. A large crowd of well-wishers joined Town and County officials to witness the swearing in, which was officiated by State Supreme Court Justice Andrew Crecca.

Newsday reports that the former NYS Assemblyman was officially declared the winner of last week’s special election for Brookhaven Town highway superintendent on Monday, March 12th.  His victory margin narrowed to 637 votes after absentee ballots were counted, according to the Suffolk Board of Elections.

The final result was 13,339 or 51.06 percent for Losquadro, to 12,702 or 48.63 percent for Kathleen Walsh, a town board member. She ran on the Democratic line, but has switched registration from the Republican Party to the Independence Party. Unofficial returns on election night had Losquadro winning by 832 votes — 12,170-11,338.

Among absentee voters, Walsh edged Losquadro, 1,364 to 1,169. The two leading write-in candidates were Michael DePaoli, with 46 votes, and Charles Giarraputo, with 35.

Newsday further reports that during Losquadro’s swearing-in ceremony Tuesday at Town Hall , he announced that he had appointed the town’s public safety Commissioner Anthony Gallino as his top aide. “I consider myself very lucky,” Losquadro said to an audience of more than 100 people, citing Gallino’s experience in construction and public safety.  Gallino helmed the town’s emergency response to superstorm Sandy, during which Losquadro’s Highway election opponent, Kathy Walsh, served as Acting Town Supervisor.

After the ceremony, Walsh said she wishes Losquadro “the best of luck” and that she would offer her ideas for improving the department. She also praised his selection of Gallino, who worked with Walsh during superstorm Sandy in late October when she was acting town supervisor. “I think he’s going to do a fabulous job,” she said. “He’s really on the ball with emergency management, which is really great for the highway department.”

Town Supervisor Edward P. Romaine said the deputy public safety commissioner, Peter O’Leary, will serve as acting head of that department until the town board appoints another commissioner.

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