Many thanks to all the invitees who attended the September 29th initial MCR Task Force meeting. Representatives from the SCPD’s 6th precinct were on hand to listen and respond to concerns from members of the Coram, Middle Island, Gordon Heights and Ridge Civic Associations, the Longwood CSD BOE & PTA Council, MIFD and local merchants. TOB Councilwomen Jane Bonner and Connie Kepert, SC Legislators Rob Calarrco and Sarah Anker and NYS Senator Ken LaValle were also present.

As with all first meetings of this type, a good deal of “venting” occurred, but so did some emerging priorities and steps to be taken. Our concerns for the safety of our firefighters and ambulance crews remain as they continue to respond to the epidemic of drug addiction affecting far too many here and elsewhere.

Police will focus on quality of life issues, especially prostitution and drug dealing, and ask that observations and concerns be funneled to them via civic heads and community leaders (naturally, everyone is always welcome and urged to contact the police any time they witness something.) If you want someone to report something for you, you can PM me, Paul Infranco, Jeffrey Davis Sr. or Chris Reilly.

The problematic property between the Mott House and the small strip mall, thought by some to be owned wholly by the TOB, is actually split betwen the town and a commercial owner. So we’ll be working on a joint clean-up and possible partial fencing of that parcel.

Kudos to James Freeman who already has some excellent and successful models at work in the Gordon Heights community. Instituting a series of Neighborhood Watch programs for Longwood communities will begin soon. This will require far more volunteers than were present yesterday. And that’s where many from this news group can best lend a hand. Future meeting dates will be posted here.

A Community Walk of MCR is also planned, wherein we will inventory problem parcels, address business owners’ concerns, seek out potential areas for beautification, and identify places most in need of traffic calming measures to promote pedestrian safety and driver security. The Coram Civic will be undertaking a similar outreach in the Stop’n'Shop Shopping Center, too.

Lots to do! Thank you for your continued interest and support.