The second annual Pearl Harbor Day Patriotic Tree Lighting Ceremony took place on Sunday, December 7th, 2014 at Bartlett Pond Park.  Depsite the cold and windy conditions, a crowd of more than 100 gathered to honor the memories of those lost 73 years ago during the surprise Japanese attack on our US Navy, the dreaded “Day of Infamy” which propelled America into WWII and created The Greatest Generation. Virginia Eagle, widow of Pearl Harbor survivor Jim Eagle whose story inspired the Longwood Veterans project, threw the big switch to illuminate the hundreds of red, white and blue lights adorning the blue spruce tree.  Senator Ken LaValle, Councilwoman Connie Kepert, and Legislators Sarah Anker and Robert Calarco addressed the crowd.  Members of the MI Fire Department placed holiday wreaths at each of the seven granite monuments.  The Donofrio family was recognized for their delicious generosity to the community and support of Bartlett events and other activities.  And our veterans in attendance were called forward for a round of well-deserved thanks.Patriotictree2